We are a Knowledge Management
and Competence Enrichment Organization


Establishing a more...
Desirable Workplace!

At M.Bryan Consulting, we are committed to empowering individuals and organizations with capacity building tools designed to optimize their personal, professional and corporate effectiveness.


Our objective is to assist organizations achieve exceptional superior performance from investments in their human capital by providing highly stimulating and interactive forum for finding practical solutions to organizational human capital challenges.


We focus on assisting our clients beat the odds and reach their goals while simultaneously making a difference in the various industries and in the world. We are passionate about building leaders who will build businesses and communities.


Performance of people is central to the performance of the business. Only skillful and committed people can execute strategy effortlessly. We are therefore passionate about improving performance through people – helping them develop the skills and find the satisfaction needed to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and enthusiastically. Thereby challenging them to Think, Engage, and Perform.


Our team will be ready to meet with your organization at your own convenience to make a formal presentation on how we can partner with you to achieve exceptional success through your investment in your People Factor.


To be the company of the first choice in Organizational Transformation in Sub-Sahara Africa.


To help organizations achieve exceptional success through their investment in their PEOPLE.
To always surpass profitability targets and exceed stakeholders’ expectations.


  • Passion + We take ownership + The ownership mentality + The Intrapreneur Spirit.
  • Innovation + We are always finding better and unique ways to serve our customers.
  • Integrity + We keep our word all the time.
  • Teamwork + We know that we cannot achieve much individually.
  • Service Excellence + We strive to at all time deliver our very best in all we do, thereby holding ourselves accountable for results.
  • Stay humble + Curious
  • Do what is right always
  • We believe fun should be a part of all we do
  • We respect every individual
  • We are data driven

vision and mission


To support organizations in finding practical result oriented solutions to complex, most pressing, most important human resource challenges encountered in the industry, business, government, and society.


To constantly seek better ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace by tapping into the knowledge of both qualified academics and professionals.


To convert concepts into practical actions and profit generating tools.